Apparently, My Calendar is 90% Book Release Dates

It is truth. Most of the events on my calendar are book releases, followed by the dates of my exams, then by readathons. Some I randomly throw for myself, some are official. ( Speaking of readathons, I had the idea of a themed readathon where you only read books in the colors of your current... Continue Reading →

24in48 Wrap-Up: In which I wasted half the readathon sleeping

Okay, to be fair, and contrary to my dramatic self's expectations, I did NOT spend half the readathon sleeping and the title was an exageration because it's my job to be a Drama Queen. This is the second round of 24in48 that I ever participated in, and it was less fun than the first time,... Continue Reading →

September ’17 Recap and HalloweenWR TBR (Wow, that rhymes)

[Initiating Program CODENAME:Daan... Loading... 25%...40%...57%...74%...93%...99%... Begin.] I'm SO not a creepy new prototype of AI made by the CIA and being tested on you right now. Ha. Ha ha. Haaaaaa001011010100010100101011101110001110101000101010111010 *politely acknowledges the clapping* I know. I'm so freaking hilarious even I can't grasp it. Here's the thing; September was awful. Which is why I'm... Continue Reading →

Tome Topple Round 4 Wrap Up !

Tome Topple is a 2-week long readathon created by Thoughts on Tomes and co-hosted by a group of amazing booktubers ! You can learn more about it on the Goodreads Group ! This round was from August 4th to August 17th, and was my first time with this readathon. It was so much fun, the... Continue Reading →

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