7 (Rarely) Effective Ways Bookworms Try to Choose What to Read Next

Disclaimer: Dunno 'bout you guys, but I hope I'm not the odd one out, because I certainly did one or more of these. all of these. No shame. None.1. When you're on a readathon and you put together a TBR. Heck, not just a readathon. ANY TBR. OBVIOUSLY you'll end up making a 1-million-book long... Continue Reading →

The Contradictions of Booknerdery

One of the many identity crisis that I, as a reader go through, would be the fact that, faced with books, I have a million different personalities that whizz through in the space of 5 minutes. If you stick around for a minute or two, I'll tell you all about 'em. Also, please don't tell... Continue Reading →

Bookish Plagues

Let's face it, plagues are bad enough in real life. But there are worse kinds of them in books; plagues that reach apocalyptic proportions. Fuel for nightmares. Any bookworm out there will tell you that reading can get scary sometimes. Right here right now, I will be listing a few viral diseases that make the... Continue Reading →

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