Sorting Through My Bookshelves is A Pain – I Spy Book Challenge!

I saw this challenge at Kathy's @Books & Munches and I had a terrible desire to do it. But I don't think I ever did bookstagrams before (probably because I have no bookstagram props...yet), so this time I took a picture of my babies ❤ The challenge: Find a book that contains (either on the... Continue Reading →

Apparently, My Calendar is 90% Book Release Dates

It is truth. Most of the events on my calendar are book releases, followed by the dates of my exams, then by readathons. Some I randomly throw for myself, some are official. ( Speaking of readathons, I had the idea of a themed readathon where you only read books in the colors of your current... Continue Reading →

Bookish Plagues

Let's face it, plagues are bad enough in real life. But there are worse kinds of them in books; plagues that reach apocalyptic proportions. Fuel for nightmares. Any bookworm out there will tell you that reading can get scary sometimes. Right here right now, I will be listing a few viral diseases that make the... Continue Reading →

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