Christmas Post ’17: What Books Mean to Readers

In light of Christmas being, well, today, I'll be babbling a bit about how it relates to our reading lives, and how we must appreciate what home is to us. Christmas, I think, is about a warm hearth and a family gathering. But I like to think that Christmas is also about home. Not a... Continue Reading →

Thoughts: City of Bones by Cassandra Clare Ft. Azia @ The Uncharted Word !

The title definitely says it all, but in case you were too late to read it because it was too long (And I definitely don't blame you, I hardly read my titles after I write them myself), today is the kind of glorious day in which I bring it my guest, and buddy Azia @... Continue Reading →

If Books Had Social Media Handles

Note: These handles are completely of my imagination and intended only for amusement. I did not intend to reference or mention anyone by them, in case some of them belong to actual people ( which I expect they will, as every simple handle ever is taken XD) Also, this idea came to me spontaneously, so... Continue Reading →

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