*trumpets* Ladies and gentlemen, allow me first to humbly introduce myself and my blog !

Seriously though, all vanity aside: if you’re reading this, I truly appreciate it, and hope I haven’t wasted time of your life in something you won’t be interested in.

I started this blog on Aug 17, 2017, as a hobby. When I’m not reading/studying/attending to my mortal life necessities, I want to add some new interest, something I’d do just for the fun of it!

I called it A Library Monster, because that’s what I am, a short introverted teenager always wearing black and religiously stalking the library and everything in it and about it; If you rephrase that, I’d be a shady black figure lurking in corners, staring at people and bookshelves, that haunts the library forever.

Sounds like a monster to me 😂

You can expect from my blog what’s expectable (Reviews, discussions, lists, readathons, wrap-ups, book tags,…) And what’s (slightly) unexpectable ( Book Haikus, weirdness, any idea I might want to share…) generally twice a week or once a week if I’m busy ( or on a book slump, or a blogger burnout, omg )

You can contact me on Twitter or Goodreads or Litsy (@alibrarymonster).

For publishers wishing to send me ARCs, here is my Contact page, or you can email me at alibrarymonster (at) gmail (dot) com.

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