Review: 11.22.63 by Stephen King


Edition ISBN:  9781444727296

Pages: 740

Author: Stephen King

Rating: 4 Stars




It’s fair to say carrying this book almost gave me a six pack. It’s almost literally the size of a brick, but yet again here I am, little hero me, actually reviewing it. Somebody clap me, please.

Actually if it weren’t for the Tome Topple readathon, I wouldn’t have picked it up for a looooong time.

This book was a pleasant surprise, actually. I have been sort of cross with Stephen King’s books since Insomnia was meh and I DNF’ed The Shining, but now I guess this book improved my opinion, by, like, 84% ??

It’s probably general knowledge that it contains time travel. But it contains time travel. I mean, it’s detailed time travel. The method for it is quite unique, and the consequences and generally the scale of it are huge, and very thoroughly thought of and planned. There’s always this sense of danger, of something watching the main character’s every movement, of a grimness in the setting. As a reader you’re right there with the character, wondering what’ll happen, or what has already happened to the future with such small changes.

There are always a few mysteries unsolved in the beginning, just to keep you chewing on them when the parts that aren’t filled with action are there, like when the MC is waiting for his moment, or investigating something.

The last 200 pages blew me away ! I actually looked at my hardcover’s spine and was like ‘so this is why Stephen King is Stephen King.‘ Like, wow. Wow at the breakneck speed, wow at how much effort and research was put into it, wow at the gigantic scale of it. Wow and boy am I glad to have read and finished this book ! If I could reread it I will. Maybe I will. But it’s so dAUNTING omg

The main character, *sigh* pleaaaaase can I meet him and give him a hug because I love him so muchhhh

I recommend this book if you like: Time travel, in-depth history insight, engaging characters

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