Review: The Trans Generation by Ann Travers

Can I please insist on how important this book is ? This book not only discusses the trauma and psychological hardships trans kids are going through, but also shows how far we are from a society that defines people not by gender or some fixed norms and stereotypes. We live in a world that tends to exerce control over its people by putting them in neat little squares.

Much would have been different for these kids if they have been given the chance by society to live their own way and define themselves and question their identities in order to tread through life like we all do. Instead they’re subjected to segregation from public bathrooms, physical activities, and agressions from their schoolmates and school staff, with the occasional exception. I honestly had no idea what trans and nonbinary kids, along with their parents, were surviving. This book also made a super important point to me: the way social ‘hierarchy’ is built, our very definition of what a child is and what an adult is, is inaccurate, or rather, too black and white.

Plenty of adults are immature, and plenty of children know exactly what they’re doing, and exactly who they are. The classification of children as unwise in everything makes people believe that anything they don’t like in children is a ‘phase’ and must be ‘corrected’. It overlooks their right to be themselves and define themselves.

Conclusion: Trans kids have been through a lot, and their entire lives are subjected to scrutiny and prejudice from others. The stories of trans kids in this book make it abundantly clear that the first step towards making life easier for them is our responsibility.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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