This is Where I Finally See A Summer Breeze and Blow Away the Winter Storm. Also, This is Where I Have a Smol Identity Crisis

Warning: You are absolutely free to gasp, because I should have read some of these books eons ago. But oh well, me and my mood don’t always agree on new releases xD

This is a Top Ten Tuesday, supposed to be beach reads/summer TBR, but since it seems to me that for some reason the best beach reads are contemporary books, and I don’t read much of those, I opted for beach related books, like covers with water on them, a ship or sand or an actual beach or something of the sort ! Let’s get started anyway !

Well, some of these books have (probably) nothing to do with the actual beach, but their covers have water, or sand, which is enough for me xD I mean, imagine being at the beach, displaying a marvelous cover like that of Seraphina and the Splintered Heart or of Blood Red Road, or of We Were Liars, that embodies summer in its cover. Aaah, just imagining the summer vibes relaxes me ~

Now for more important matters, *wears sunglasses*

Lately I’ve been thinking of going a bit more original on my blog, with a new theme (obviously this one is horrendous and I haven’t had time to change it ), a new rating system other than the old stars, and mayyyybe a new name ! The rating system won’t be based on 1 to 5 ratings, but will either be a group of ratings based on worldbuilding, characters, plot, writing style and the sort, or will be something similar to these rating systems, probably.

The thing is, no rating system can really convey enough about how good a book is, but the only thing I can do is look for the one that comes closest to it !

What do you think ? Which rating system appeals to you best ? What are some books that have a beach/summer-y vibe to you ? I’ll see you in the comments !

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