#24in48 Jan 2018 Round: Hour 11 Update

I’m checking in for a super quick update on my #24in48 progress !

So I’m a little disappointed with how I’m doing so far, because I had to get out somewhere in the morning and I couldn’t read outside, and so I ended up only putting in an hour of reading in the morning, but I got home a little while ago and settled down for a solid reading session!

That’s my pitiful progress so far, and my current read ! I participated in the first challenge in Hour 3: A book you’ve held on to since childhood. I chose this one:

This book holds quite a place in my heart, it was my favorite for a long time, and I reread it beyond counting (or memory, apparently). I think I sort of related to the main character as much as loved the humor and the escape into a world that resembled mine but was different on many levels! I agree with the saying that a book read and loved in childhood has a special place among other reads ❤

What are some of your favorite childhood reads? Any well-worn copies you still have and can’t let go of ?

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