In Which I And a Few Bookish Characters Mess Everything Up | Scallywag Book Tag

This book tag was made by Hardback Hoarder !

1. All Hands on Deck! – pick 3 characters on your crew!

Caro from Song of the Current, Zoya from The Grishaverse, and Percy Jackson ! Caro would be so handy to have because of her knowledge of anything sailing-related; knots, maintenance, winds, tides…

Zoya wouldn’t be much pleasant company, but she’d be loyal and she’d do a terrific job as a summoner to bend the wind to our favor.

Percy would totally break the ice and be the humor of the crew while keeping the tide under control ! I’d bring Inej too, because I love her so much, but I’m supposed to be the lousy captain, so she gets to be on her own ship.

2. Open Waters- there’s something lurking below your ship; name a fictional creature you don’t wanna meet in your travels.

Man, I’ve got a long long list of nightmare fuel bookish creatures 😂 Not many are sea creatures though… But I’d say any horror from Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters. At least I’d have Percy on my side as he has experience of how to deal with them exactly !

3. Siren Song – you hear the song tempting you with love; name a book you didn’t know you needed till you read it.

Furthermore by Tahereh Mafi ! I didn’t know it was going to be as good as it was ! At the time I read it I was in a a period of horrible anxiety, and reading it transported me into another world and replaced my unease with wonder while I was reading it.

4. Parley- Your crew has been captured! What famous villain are you thrilled (and slightly scared) about meeting?

I’m soooo hesitant between The Darkling from Shadow and Bone and Ambrose from The Name of The Wind. I’d immediately say Adelina from The Young Elites if I didn’t know I’d be more than slightly scared if I were to meet her XD

5. Davy Jones’ Locker – One of your crew members has died; name a book that provides a unique outlook on death.
OPTIONAL: choose a crew member to die.

Caro, having no crazy superpowers like Percy or Zoya, would probably be the one to die 😂 ( CARO, DON’T YOU DARE LEAVE ME ) Mayyybeee, They Both Die at the End ? But WE DON’T TALK ABOUT THAT BOOK.

6. Yo Ho Ho! – you meet a fellow pirate at a pub; recommend a pirate related book.

I reaaaally haven’t read many, if any, pirate books. Maybe Song of the Current ? Oh, Treasure Island ! That one definitely is super pirate-related.

7. X Marks the Spot – you found the treasure; what is one fictional item you would love to have?
GIMME Ice, Ned Stark’s sword. Or better yet, Darrow from Red Rising’s SlingBlade. *high-pitched squealing*

This was super fun to do ! If you’d like to do it, then you’re tagged ! I’d love to see your answers and the crews you guys put together !

So tell me, do you like pirates ? What fictional item would you love to get your hands on ? Any pirate-y books in mind ?

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