7 (Rarely) Effective Ways Bookworms Try to Choose What to Read Next

Disclaimer: Dunno ’bout you guys, but I hope I’m not the odd one out, because I certainly did one or more of these. all of these. No shame. None.


When you’re on a readathon and you put together a TBR

. Heck, not just a readathon. ANY TBR. OBVIOUSLY you’ll end up making a 1-million-book long list and reading 2 books among them and 99 others from who knows where.

2. You decide to go ahead and Ask For Help(TM)

Except you know you’re desperate and you know exactly how asking others will put you in two possible scenarios:
Scenario 1: Everyone is too helpful and you end up more confused than you actually started.
Scenario 2: Everyone is too UNhelpful and you’re still confused.

3. You watch every booktube video ever

What usually ends up happening is you (aka me, still talking from my perspective here) come across BILLIONS OF RECOMMENDATIONS aaaaand you explode after you change rooms so as not to get pieces of you on your precious bookshelf.

4. Listen to Podcasts

This might be helpful, and it might be just me, but everytime I do this I just end up expanding my TBR by 300 books when I’m trying to, like, you know, NOT do that 😂

5. Pick a Random Book

Cast dice, pick random numbers, use cards, blindly point at your library, any one of these will do, but I can guarantee that your mood will change the moment you know what you chose. Your mood is almost literally predicting some crazy quantum mechanics, here. Except that won’t help, either.

6. Step 1: Weigh the pros and cons of choosing either book
Step 2: End up with equally true arguments on both sides.
Step 3: Sit down and cry.

Has weighing pros and cons ever ended up with an obvious outcome for me ? Nope.

7. Buy more books in hope one of them will call to you.

Does money grow on trees ? Nah. Note: That doesn’t stop me from SHAMELESSLY buying too many books xD

What other ways have you tried to choose what to read next ? Any crazy or desperate ones ? Tell me all about it !

7 thoughts on “7 (Rarely) Effective Ways Bookworms Try to Choose What to Read Next

Add yours

      1. Lol pretty relatable honestly. Sometimes my sister uses me as a guinea pig to try out books she’s been meaning to read. I’ve found some of my most hated books because of her 🙃🙄

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      2. The only one I can think of off the top of my head is Wake by Lisa McMann. You might have heard of it. It’s so so awful. Terrible characters, no plot, writing so choppy it gave me a headache. The book itself had a pun about how awful it was (“still awake? There’s more!!) My sister gave it to me saying she thinks I’ll love it but when I was ranting she said “my bad, I only read the synopsis.” 🙄 Safe to say she takes my recommendations but I don’t take hers anymore lol

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