When Music Gives You Strength | Favorite Song Lyrics

I am certain I am not alone when I say that music is as necessary to me as food and water and reading. When I am sad, anxious, or depressed, it gives me strength. I’ll be sharing now with you some lyrics I reminded myself with and sang when I was down !

🎹Imagination – SPYAIR

There will always

be a strong haze

that will try and block tomorrow

But don’t give in,

don’t let it win,

brush it off and push on through.

Never give up, we can catch up,

We will make it or die trying.

Turn this imagination into something real.

Lyrics from Amalee‘s english cover.

We all need a motivation from time to time not to take anything easy for granted, that obstacles will always be there. We just need the determination to push on through, undaunted, and not let them win.

🎹Ninelie – Aimer (ft. Chelly)

Never lose faith in your vision
Just believe in your dream
Even if it may lead you wrong
I’ll sing my heart out to overcome the distance
A bridge of silence to carry our song.

Lyrics from Amalee‘s english cover .

This song reminds me of WHY I’m going through these hardships in the first place, of WHY I’m suffering when I do; I am on my way to realize a certain vision, to make my dream come true. I musn’t forget where I’m going. That I’m on a road somewhere better, and the scenery will change along the way, from good to bad AND from bad to good.

🎹My Liberation – ナノ (NANO)



I’m not sure if it’s ‘time’ or ‘tide’ but ‘turn back the tide’ sounds better xD it’s so short because there is japanese in between englush and there isn’t an english cover I know and like xD #sorry
These short but important lines give me courage, and remind me that I don’t have to be a victim to what pain does to me, I am a person, and I can fight back the pain and take back what it took from me. I can turn turn the tide.

🎹 Hall of Fame – Script

You can go the distance
You can run the mile
You can walk straight through hell with a smile

You can be the hero
You can get the gold
Breaking all the records they thought never could be broke

Yeah, do it for your people
Do it for your pride
How are you ever gonna know if you never even try?

Again with the motivational lyrics xD It’s a fact that risks, change, any test of mental strength scare me, so to be told I can do this with nothing but my willpower… It’s grand.

🎹 Do you hear the people sing ? – Les Misérables

It is the music of a people that will NOT be slaves again

When the beating of your heart

echoes the beating of the drums,

There is a life about to start when tomorrow comes.

The magical part here is not being a slave again. It might be literal in the French Revolution, but it’s figuratively true now. I want to be part of a group of people who won’t be slaves again to their weaknesses, to their illnesses, to their hurts and broken parts, to other people and society. Beyond the figurative barricade lies dawn, a new tomorrow.


Do these lyrics give you strength ? What are some of your favorite songs for when you’re feeling down ?

5 thoughts on “When Music Gives You Strength | Favorite Song Lyrics

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  1. Music is food for the soul. I don’t think I could live without music. Impossible, really. I haven’t heard any of these songs, except for Hall of Fame, but I love all the lyrics. So uplifting. Usually, I listen to epic music or upbeat songs to lift my spirits up!

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      1. Man, that just reminds me I still need to read HP 😅😂😢😭 My favorite be happy line is “smile and maybe tomorrow you’ll see the sun come shining through for you” or basically the entire song of “Smile” (Charlie Chaplin) though I really like the Glee rendition of the song haha!

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