Behold the Blog Post of Drama ! | Reader Reactions to Book Finales/ What You’d Find a Reader Doing

If you’re a Drama Queen like me, you’ll have probably passed by a few of these phases. The dramatic ones at least. Let’s face it; authors can be cruel sometimes on our poor poor sensitive souls. If one day you walk in on me on a time around which I’ve been reading, I’m going to prepare you for what you’ll probably see right now.

In a Heap on the Floor

I’ll probably be reading. Or thinking about a book. Or plotting to take over the world. But probably reading or pondering HOW did that just happen in the book. Sometimes though I’ll be

Snickering/Smirking/Laughing hysterically at WHAT the heck I’m reading

Yeah, that one is common. Because books do that. Make you look like a weird potato, I mean. If weird potatoes eat books and overreact to humor in them. It’s not all fun and games though. At some point it’ll come to

Sobbing Hysterically

Because books are serial character murderers. Yup, don’t look at me sideways, A Game of Thrones. Also because I don’t appreciate every character I have a hint of love for getting torn to pieces in a paragraph at the end of a chapter. #Sloppy but also #rude.
This might be my reaction, but it’s only secondary to

Staring Blank Faced At the Void

It’s called Shock(TM). Very common in bookworms who are familiar with Plot-Twist(TM). I don’t recommend those products. Nuh-uh.
Of course I need a place to safely do this, so I’ll be

Hidden in a hole

Reading. Or staring blank-faced in Shock. But it’s a well-illuminated hole of course. Wouldn’t want to get headaches and read less because of it. Sometimes I feel like a hibernating hamster.( Do hamsters hibernate ? Apparently and according to Google, some do. #weird)
But I wouldn’t be able to have all these reactions if I didn’t read the books. So a lot of the time you’ll see me

Handing The Cashier at the Bookstore a Kidney’s Worth of Cash

I still have both my kidneys, by the way, thank God. But you get the idea. My sadness at being broke is only overpowered by my happiness at getting the books. But still #halp
After that I’ll 100% be

Carrying a load of books in the street

Why am I not as muscled as The Rock yet ? Because I should be. If I carried A Clash of Kings everyday outside. It should definitely weigh at least 2 tons less than it does now. My poor shoulders *softly crying*
At the new books I went home with comes THE Question

WHAT in the heck do I read next ?

Comes with 1 free Identity Crisis ! I tried all the methods: Random Numbers, throwing coins, vainly asking my mood, asking other people. I eventually decide, but I forget why I chose what I did every time. *sigh*
On the way home, if I see you reading on the street, I’ll 100% be

Stalking you to see what you’re reading

Totally NOT creepy. Nope. My curiosity is NOT dangerously flooding the area, and you should totally stay there so I can get a good look because you’re TOTALLY safe.

I hope you enjoyed this fun little weird thing of mine ! Do YOU do those things too ? Please don’t make me feel I’m alone in this xD

2 thoughts on “Behold the Blog Post of Drama ! | Reader Reactions to Book Finales/ What You’d Find a Reader Doing

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  1. LOL, this is so accurate. There have a few books that have left me in shock (*ending to Half Lost and Lord of Shadows*). I was feeling very cold and alone in those moments. I’ve recently run into some HYSTERICAL books of late, both of which were historical fiction oddly enough. My Lady Jane and Gentleman’s Guide are fudgin’ HILARIOUS. I didn’t care that I laughed out loud and looked like a psycho. Definitely worth it if you ask me. And lord knows I can’t control my book buying habits, especially with a cliffhanger ending. I’d be out the door so quick to buy the next book if it was available haha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I see what you did there 😂 I still haven’t read those, but I’ve heard so much love around them ! And I agree, it’s so worth it ! If a book made me cry in public, then I won’t care and I will cry, or laugh outloud like a maniac. It’s an irreplaceable moment !

      Liked by 1 person

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