1 Teaspoon of Fantasy, Magical Robots and Murdered Fae / / Genre Benders We Need More Of

I LOVE genre benders, which are works that don’t stick to one genre, but that mix them and bend them and break every rule to be something new and unseen before ! I’ve had some ideas on Genre Benders I’ve either never seen before or would love to see more of !

Sci-fi x Fantasy

I’d love to see a combination, somehow, of robots and magic! Or, in the way of the Grishaverse, magic-like science in the future or in an another world. Or some kind of twist like that. Somebody said that any science, if advanced enough, becomes indistinguishable from magic. I forgot who. And I’m not gonna google it for the sake of looking like a genius πŸ˜‚

Anyhow, imagine with me a book in which there are faeries and dwarves and golems. Swords and shields and arrows. Magic-like performances. Only to realize at about 50 pages away from the end that it’s some kind of huge twisted social and biological experiment somewhere around the year 2314, to determine how humanity would do were these discoveries released into the populace.

If you know a book like that, hit me up please. I’d love to read it. But I may have just spoiled you on the future book I’m gonna write. Well then, too bad, because if I didn’t I’d have nothing to write in this post πŸ˜‚

Fantasy x Cookbook

Stop frowning, it’s not entirely prepostrous. It would look a bit like this:
* 1 Time Travel Machine
* 1 dying fire golem
* 1 desperate friend
* 2 missing sidekicks
Time: 30 min from the apocalypse

Throw dying fire golem in oven for 20 min. Once red, take out of the oven, use the time machine to time travel 1 day ago, assassinate leader of The MSC, The Mad Scientist Commity causing said apocalypse.
Or something like that. Hey, I might write a book like this one day. I don’t even know how to cook properly, so this is perfect to butcher some recipes and make some fiction XD

Thriller x Fantasy

The only book I know that is like this is Daughter of the Burning City by Amanda Foody. I loved it so much and I think this should be a genre in and of itself ! If it isn’t already *feels small* But wouldn’t it be awesome to see more books like this ? We’ve seen so much fantasy worldbuilding and can get used to new world pretty fast by now. Why not introduce a new center of attention to keep it intriguing from both sides; events and setting ?

Thriller in Verse

I wish I could see more of this genre. This post is scheduled (Yup, plot twist: you’re totally talking to Past Me. Don’t worry, future readers, Future Me will totally be there for you too. ) But at the moment I’m writing, I’m reading an eARC that’s just like this. It’s called Mr.Either/Or and I’m liking the idea and the way it’s action-packed, but there’s nothing WOW so far. Some facets of thriller prose are somewhat impaired in verse. Hope it gets better !

Would you want to read books in these genres ? What are some genres you’d love to see mixed ?

4 thoughts on “1 Teaspoon of Fantasy, Magical Robots and Murdered Fae / / Genre Benders We Need More Of

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  1. Agh such a creative post! I haven’t run across many genre benders. My most recent one would be Glitter by Aprilynn Pike, which I saw as a mix of sci-fi and historical fiction, a novel concept if there ever was one. I think the Shannara series might be considered a mix of sci-fi and fantasy, actually. The events that take place are far into the future, but the earth is populated my Middle Earth creatures like Elves and Dwarves!! It’s a really long series/extended universe and I haven’t gotten very far in the series, but I’d recommend checking it out! LOL, the fantasy x cookbook idea is far-fetched, but not at all impossible. A book like that would certainly add some spice in our reading lives haha. I bet it would look a lot like a witch’s book of potions and spells XD And YAAAAS to a thriller fantasy. I think there are quite a few like that, but aren’t marketed as such. DOTBC is definitely one, but I also see Caraval, The Night Circus, Scythe, The Mortal Instruments, and Stalking Jack the Ripper (kinda sorta) as members of that rare genre mix! I’d love quite a few more though. Thriller in verse is so strange but I think I’d be down to see how that would turn out. I’d also like to see more western x sci-fi, historical fiction x sci-fi, fantasy x mystery, and contemporary x fantasy or sci-fi (see all the sci-fi things I ask for????)! Great post! πŸ˜€

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    1. Basically a mishmash of everything πŸ˜‚ Duh, everything’s a little better with scifi thrown in the mix !
      Those are such interesting concepts I haven’t even thought about !! Woah, that scifi x western suggestion xDD Clint Eastwood as the Terminator ? *mindblow* Contemporary seems in my mind as the opposite of fantasy by definition, so combining those is out of my imagination’s league πŸ˜‚ Like, ‘Yo, bro, didn’t u see my text ? We gotta slay the Shadow King before prom!!’ ‘Nah, sorry man, I was trying to fit my sword in my backpack…’
      I still haven’t read Caraval and the whole enchilada of fantasy thrillers πŸ˜₯ *hides in shame*

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      1. Sci-fi is essential LOL. And everyone forgets about westerns! I was thinking a Cowboys vs Aliens sort of thing. Ever see that movie? It was surprisingly good!
        πŸ˜‚ Contemporary fantasy would be so weird but SOOOO fresh and new. It hasn’t really been done yet, so I’m holding out for that sword in the backpack LOL
        You must read Caraval and The Night Circus. YOU SIMPLY MUST 😭 The Night Circus is the better of the two, so I recommend that one the most 😍


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