One Lovely Blog Award !

The Rules:

  • Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog.
  • Post about the award.
  • Share 7 facts about yourself.
  • Nominate (up to) 15 people.
  • Let your nominees know you’ve nominated them.

I was nominated by my buddy Azia @ The Uncharted Word! Do check out her blog and throw some comments, she’s a fantastic person πŸ’™!

Fact 1:

I actually read the HP books out of order, VERY out of order. When I was little I didn’t really care; my mom acquired me the books out of order and I read whatever landed in front of me and pieced together everything afterwards. She’d get me the next book after I had finished the one I was currently reading, but there were always times when I’d have nothing to read, so I’d reread the fifth book because it’s the longest, so I’d have what to read for a long time; And this is why the 5th HP book is my favorite, also it’s, like, as good as tattooed on my skin πŸ˜‚

Fact 2:

When I was little I used to play with my neighbor, which was 4 years older than me. I don’t blame her now, because back then she wasn’t more than 10 or 11, but she told me that I was eating Ice-cream backwards, and that you’re supposed to eat it from the bottom up. WHICH OF COURSE MAKES NOOO SENSE. But of course… I believed it πŸ˜‚ Wow, kiddo me, *slow clap*
And then I ate Ice-cream from the bottom up until I grew up enough to realize the truth. Yeah. please don’t hurt me

Fact 3:

Until 3 years ago I wanted to be an archeologist. Which is fine and all, but I thought being an archeologist was like, being Indiana Jones. Buuut nope. Expectations VS reality. My dream crashed and burned. So I switched to wanting to be a vet. But then my dream crashed and burned again because my mom told me it wasn’t a great job where I live and I won’t be able to make money because pets are a luxury and I’ll be more called to help cows give birth than cure cutesy cats and dogs. I’m feeling so supported so I got traumatized and this is why I’m so weird today #reallynotreally

Fact 4:

I’m VERY indecisive about basically everything. I spend 2 hours or so at the bookstore deciding what book to buy! I almost have no favorite anything. I can’t think of a favorite movie, or a favorite book, or even a favorite color, or a favorite season, or a favorite genre (Okay it’s fantasy don’t count this one) because there are SO many things I love, and of each thing there are equally amazing candidates. So many amazing songs, so many mindblowing books, equal pros and cons to anything I can think of. So yeah. Never ask me what’s my favorite anything. I can only answer you with a random choice.

Fact 5:

Since I was 8 years old or so ( Not sure, got some blurry memories there ) I’ve never been entirely petless (if that’s even a word) at home I’ve always had at least 1 cat, and at most 10 cats. A few birds from time to time and a fish. But there’s always been a cat to feed. Before you panic and drill me with questions I’d like to say in my defense that we don’t keep them at home 24/7. We’re basically just a restaurant; they come from outside and we feed them, hence they spend their days around our garden and in the neighborhood. Or, more often: one of ’em gives birth and ‘boom!’ 6 free cats ! πŸ˜‚ Let me tell you, having 10 cats as pets is NOT fun.
Nope, do not recommend it. But the only perk? We got our front door heavily guarded against cockroaches, which is fine and dandy by me XD

Fact 6:

I have a memory from when I was little, and you know how oooold memories go; they’re the same as dreams. I can’t tell if it really happened or if I dreamt it, but what I saw was a huge spider in the bathtub. Like, as big as my palm now, I’d say around 10cm in diameter. It wasn’t a tarantula or anything, I think… I’m not even sure where the heck can the closest tarantula be. Anyway, it was HUGE. I remember I washed it down the sink with water somehow without having a heart attack right there and then… But now I know it definitely could have happened because just las year I found ANOTHER huge spider in our bathtub ( Another house, we moved houses 7 years ago or something ) and this one was definitely real. I only got a peak before I bolted out, but it was the stuff of nightmares. Now I wish I’d seen it more closely, so I could have more to remember than a blur of brown. Something like, 6 beady eyes staring through my soul. *SHUDDER* Oh yeah ! Did you know spiders have PAWS ?? Google it and shudder with me.
P.S: I’m still traumatized and checking the bathtub every time I get in.

Fact 7:

The manga I’m OBSESSED about would be Pandora Hearts. I’ve known it since I was 10 and been reading it on and off until I finished it 2 years ago. I have a shirt with the manga’s name on it and I only wear it on holidays when I’m most comfortable. I feel so familiar with the characters they could be my family πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

That concludes 7 facts from my relatively uneventful life xD If you’re interested in giving 7 smol facts about you consider yourself nominated by me !

6 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award !

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  1. So many fun and amazing facts!! I haven’t read the HP series yet, but the 5th installment is my favorite, too, because it was the first HP movie I ended up watching! Until I binge-watched the entire movie series, I had always caught Goblet at the same part: the water race part of the tournament. I think I ended up watching the 5th movie because someone mentioned Edward or Robert Pattinson was in it, and I was in my Twilight phase, so I checked it out XD

    Oh my god, you and I both! I always wanted to be an archeologist because I thought that meant I could be as cool as Lara Croft and do all that adventuring stuff with pistols and perfect backflips. My dream was slightly crushed many years ago when my mom said “nah, babe” but I still held out hope because I thought Jurassic Park = archeology. Nope, that was paleontology LOL. SO, that dream is dead. I now wish to be an astronaut. JK, an editing or reviewing position would be just fine πŸ˜‰ And ugh, spiders and their grubby little paws. Can’t stand those things, no matter the size. My friend in France and I send each other spider videos and memes just to mess with each other XD That’s how much those little furry death beasts bother me haha.

    Love your posts, Daan! And thanks so much for the shoutout ❀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. With no small amount of dramatic sobbing, my day is being made by your comments πŸ’™ *deadly squeeze*
      Yeah, that period in time when we were all Twilight and Lara Croft πŸ˜‚ I confused Archeology and Paleontology too XD I thought they were the same thing, aka getting to hang around with all the guns and all the guts of the world πŸ˜‚ My mom crushed so many of my dreams XD *glances back at the pile of deflated dead dreams* Like, being a cool skater, then an archeologist, then a vet, then a detective, then be in the military. Man I had a lot of those XD I’m more likely to be an immortal fae than survive a day in the military XD But if we can’t be those, as you said, a carreer near to books is the next best thing !
      Brrr *shudder* I do the same with my sister XD she absolutely loathes them. They seem to always come down near my face when I’m reading or studying and I notice a black dot from the corner of my eye… I can practically see you shudder now πŸ˜‚

      Liked by 1 person

      1. *Deadly squeeze back* Anytime ❀
        Oh my god, why you let me rave about HP and not tell me I was talking about the 4th book/movie the whole time πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚ I'm over here, severely embarrassed LOL *hides in shame* The 5th book was Order of the Pheonix, wasn't it? Failure haha
        LOL, our poor poor nonsensical dreams. Mine was astronaut, doctor, intellectual lawyer (don't ask), and forensic science technician or CSI (shoutout to CSI: Las Vegas). That's okay, though, books will always be there haha
        I did shudder. Quite violently actually πŸ˜‚


  2. Your experience with the books was mine with the movies! I didn’t understand the overarching plot for a long time till I read the entire series in 7th grade.
    Also CATS!! you’re so lucky! I’ve always wanted a cat but my dad is against it cause 1. My mom knits/crochet so too much potential for damage and 2. My dad had pet parakeets for a long time.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know the feeling ! I have cats, but I’ve always wanted a puppy ! Obvs we can’t have one because 1. My mom thinks cats are cleaner than dogs and 2. We have no one idle enough to walk the dog every day. But one day, when I have my own house I’ll get my own dog ! Hope you get a cat too β™₯

      Liked by 1 person

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