Quotes, Noise Blockers and Book Flashbacks || 6 Useful Bookish Tools I Use !

It is a fact that need calls to invention. So many times when I’m reading I’ll find that there is something I’m missing, and so I search the internet up and down for a tool that’ll solve my problem. So I ended up with a bunch of bookmarked websites and super useful apps ! And yes, because I’m so awesome, I’m about to share every single one with you ! And yes, this post’s title is definitely an exageration, I mean, every reader is different, so you might not need some of these, or they might not work for you. I hope they do though, because that would mean I was helpful, and that makes me happy 😀 Here we go !

1. Kwote

Here (APP)
This app is, like, everything. I use it to save my quotes in pretty pictures, to write my book haikus on, to make featured images on blog posts. You get to choose the background, customize the font and apply filters or effects like blurring the background. Plus, it’s got ready quotes in there in a lot of topics, and it gives you a random quote when you open it. It’s always nice to get a random quote from the Funny or Motivational category!

2. Book Series Recaps

Here (Website)

If you’ve read an incomplete series and had to wait a few millennia until the next book’s release, forgetting almost everything in the process, you’ll really need this. #THRONEOFGLASS #ACOTAR #REDQUEEN !!! Let’s not even talk about book 3 of the Kingkiller Chronicles or the nevercoming sequel to The Host because WHY are they not even on my calendar ? *stares at empty hand*

Anyway, this website has recaps with spoilers of what happened in previous series’ installments, and of the particular ending if you’re just looking for that. I’ve recently used it for Throne of Glass series and Snow Like Ashes. Or any series whose most recent book was released but I’ve been putting it off until I forgot. It’s been a huge help, and while reading the recaps I actually remember other details from the book, so I love it 😀💙

3. Rain Sounds

Here (APP)
I bet you have 3 questions going through your mind right now: Why is rain bookish, why would I need it, and whether I’m mad.
I’ll answer the first two. ( Because if I say no I’m not mad, that would be what mad people would say. And if I say I’m mad, I’d be mad. So I’m mad anyway. And yes, I’m SOOO here to give you a philosophical paradox and 3 atoms of headache. )
When I read I’d really rather golden golden silence ♥ But since I can’t always have it I’ll listen to rain ( and maybe piano with it. It sounds so relaxing ) because you don’t need to focus with it, and I’ve found that of all sounds, it blocks the most noise. So I can focus on my book in peace ! It’s got a lot of rain variety, like rain on leaves and on sidewalk and on the window, but I just pick the ‘Perfect Storm’ because it sounds better 😂

4. Writer Plus

Here (APP)
I use this because it’s free, has no ads, it’s simple and effective. The only downside is I have to format the text to put bold and italics elsewhere, but I’m too lazy to replace the app because of it. I use this to write notes for my reviews on my ereader.

5. Aldiko Reader

Here (APP)
This is a recent discovery I made xD I like this app because it plays a double role; it reads ebooks, and it’s the app you use to read eARCs from Netgalley on an Android device (Which is what I have). I’d rather physical ARCs, but I’m SUCH a newbie and they need bloggers with influence to build the hype, which I have 0.0001 of, and even that’s not certain *gasp* *shudder* *sob* ( See ? I totally belong in Wonderland, just throw me in a rabbit hole somewhere and I’m set )

6. Pixabay

Here (Website)
This is my source for free-to-use stock pictures, that I use for backgrounds. I LOVE it ❤ It’s got great quality pics for anything, and you can choose the size in which to download it, no hassle. I love no hassles 😂

That’s all I’ve got to share today ! I tried to avoid the obvious ( Because I’d get assassinated by one of you in my sleep if I put Goodreads as number 1 or something 😂) so do you know or use any of these ? do you have the same problems as I do ? Hit me up in the comments !

9 thoughts on “Quotes, Noise Blockers and Book Flashbacks || 6 Useful Bookish Tools I Use !

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  1. My god, this is MAGICAL (*cue the SpongeBob rainbow meme*). These are all so cool and I will be using them. Book Series Recaps sounds like it’ll be a lifesaver. I’m fine with rereading books, but most times I won’t have the time to do it. So, this will definitely help out. And I can usually read in silence, but I don’t mind listening to music while doing it. Rain sounds are so soothing. A great complement to reading 😀 Thanks so much for sharing, Daan! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Absolutely ! 😀💙 I’m so glad I could help out ! You know, when I first started listening to rain while reading I couldn’t help incorporating the rain in the book 😂 so that now my memories of the books I read around that time all have rain in them xD

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha, that’s kinda cool! I think I’ve done that once or twice before. That’s a nice way of changing up your reading experience. Rain never hurt nobody 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      2. LOL, wait. I never noticed this, but you’re right! It rarely rains in books, doesn’t it? WEIRD. This must be fixed. We must have more rainy days in literature haha

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Oh my god, yes!!! Thank you! I thought I was the only one that was thinking about how armor and son and bloody warfare would be total and complete hell on earth for warriors. LOL, we are WAY too practical XD

        Liked by 1 person

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