Book Pillows, Bookish Fortune Telling and the Apocalypse || Other Roles Books Play

Do you sometimes feel like you want to be a kangooroo so you can have your book on you at all times and maybe a spare book ? Are you too much of a bookworm not to use books as everything and anything ? Then this blog post is where you belong, kindred spirit !
*advertiser hat off*
Seriously, though; If you are an absolute book addict, then you’ve probably done a few (or maybe all😱) of these things at some point of your life ! I mean, these are pretty hardcore, but we bookworms manage.

1. Pillow
Who needs to *gasp* get up from bed to pick up the pillow you just dropped ? Grab that copy of A Game of Thrones, it’s the same height as a pillow anyway ! Just don’t get paper cuts. Minor neck pain too, but that’s to be expected.

2. Teddy bear
Some books are just so lovable that you can’t help cuddling them and using them as teddy bears ❤ Pros: comfort, Cons: paper cuts, possible book folds, cover dog ear (*SHUDDER!!*), death by stabbing with a hardback corner.

3. Decoration
I don’t like this one very much, I believe books are meant to be read, not just watched. But personal grudges aside, and in all honesty, there’s no better decoration to make your room homy than one big delightful bookshelf. Just make sure not to put the hardbacks right on the tip top.

4. Workout weight
I’ve done this before xD only once though… maybe twice… I mean, we bookworms work out all the time. Just try carrying our purses/ backpacks/ totes. You probably can’t. Unless you’re one yourself, in that case come help me carry these books, won’t you 💙 ?

5. Weapon
Anyone who has seen the hardback of Inkheart by Cornelia Funke or Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix *can not* deny its deadliness, I think in an apocalypse I’ll be throwing concussions left and right. Behold me and heed the words of The Book Wielder !

6. Fortune Teller
That’s right ! Books can be fortune tellers too ! And it is called Bibliomancy ! Basically, you pick out a random book out of your shelf and read a random sentence, and you have your fortune ! Unless you land on ‘impending doom’ or ‘a slow and painful death’ or ‘life without chocolate’. Because then you probably shouldn’t trust this method very much. Or maybe you should hide. Just don’t pick up a horror novel.

7. Bookmark
This might sound like a paradox, but nothing’s new under the sun. It’s all been done before. Even bookmarking with a book. Well, what can you do if you don’t have a bookmark and there’s another book next to you ? Dog-ear ? Pffft, don’t be silly.

That concludes my list of other roles books can play, other than actual reading!
Have you done any of these ? Or are you even more hardcore ? How do YOU use books for other purposes ? I’m super curious, and your reading life matters 💙, so write a comment !

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