Kickass Heroines, Epic Quests and Junk Food Love || Wonder Woman: Warbringer by Leigh Bardugo

Rating: 5 Stars
She will become one of the world’s greatest heroes: WONDER WOMAN. But first she is Diana, Princess of the Amazons. And her fight is just beginning. . . .Diana longs to prove herself to her legendary warrior sisters. But when the opportunity finally comes, she throws away her chance at glory and breaks Amazon law—risking exile—to save a mere mortal. Even worse, Alia Keralis is no ordinary girl and with this single brave act, Diana may have doomed the world.Alia just wanted to escape her overprotective brother with a semester at sea. She doesn’t know she is being hunted. When a bomb detonates aboard her ship, Alia is rescued by a mysterious girl of extraordinary strength and forced to confront a horrible truth: Alia is a Warbringer—a direct descendant of the infamous Helen of Troy, fated to bring about an age of bloodshed and misery.Together, Diana and Alia will face an army of enemies—mortal and divine—determined to either destroy or possess the Warbringer. If they have any hope of saving both their worlds, they will have to stand side by side against the tide of war.

“How could it be wrong to wish to prove yourself?” she asked, a fierce light in her eyes. “You were not wrong to dare.”

Wonder Woman: Warbringer shows the background of Diana, her place among the Amazons and their way of life, which is entertwined witj Greek Mythology. So when Alia, a New Yorker from a rich and powerful family of scientists, comes, modern world and ancient one collide, and her first moments with Diana strongly reminded me of Percy Jackson in the first book as he struggles to take in a whole new world and grapples with denial as to the existence of Greek Gods, demigods satyrs and such entities straight out of a story.

The book follows Diana’s coming into the hero we know her to be, her instincts to protect and save even if the most reasonable choice would be to sit idly and do nothing. Alia’s point of view allows you to see Diana from another perspective; to see her strength in general, and not as she sees herself – the weakest among the Amazons – Alia herself allows Diana to see that there is more than one type of strength.

The cast is diverse and the characters are so easy to get attached to (THEOOO I<3U). They are so relatable and real and the book doesn’t ignore all the small things people do and insecurities they feel that make up who they are. Even if people admire us we still feel like we’re not good enough, and how these thoughts are harmful and irrelevant. We are what we make ourselves to be, and things we are embarrassed about really aren’t that way to others, and there were reasons for us to do them. (Shoutout to introverts to feel guilty about something for far too long after *sigh* )

Diana is my new favorite character to look up to and admire. She is strong, she is smart, and she is brave. She can be SO sassy 😂 Alia, Theo and Nim are just precious, at times reckless and feel real on the page. I was like ‘FINALLY’ when Alia declared her undying love for snacks and junk food, because I haven’t seen food be anything but underrated since Nina in Six of Crows ! I won’t even get started on how much I love Theo, he is the Grover (from Percy Jackson) of this book.

Diana’s reactions as an outsider offer us a look at the big picture of how we live in modern day and how silly everything is from afar; how we keep fighting each other and after millenia humanity are STILL uncomfortable about people’s differences.
It feels so good to see her stand up for Alia against her overprotective brother at all the right times, while understanding what pushes him to do what he does.

At a little bit over the half the fast-paced action starts, and for a good dozen pages I couldn’t stop reading. I somehow read as I was brushing my teeth. And I did NOT wet anything that isn’t supposed to get wet. *happy dance*

I thought the trope of ‘epic road trip to magical place to do something before a deadline or else all hell breaks loose’ felt familiar, but not in a good way. It’s been done so many times before, and I was kind of tired of it. But then there was a plot twist that I did not see coming, and the ending just whizzed by. It was fast-paced, action-packed and full of noble deeds and heroism. I am a huge fan of anything noble and honorable. Leigh Bardugo met every high expectation I had for this book, and I was not disappointed. I would highly recommend it.

Conclusion: It was a SUCH a satisfying read ! Action-packed, humurous and diverse. It was character-driven and the author completely nailed the character-development ! I was thrown off by the plot twist, which doesn’t happen very often, so 5 stars for this one !

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  1. Yay! This sounds fantastic. I’ve always been a huge fan of Wonder Woman (she was my first superheroine girl crush = no shame) and who better to tell this story than Leigh Bardugo (whom I love just as much as). A kickass author for a kickass heroine. Perfection. So glad you enjoyed this one. Diana, Alia, Nim, and Theo sound like a wonderful mix of characters and even though the epic journey trope is a bit tired, I’m still up for it! Can’t wait to read this one. Awesome review!


    1. Thank you 😀 I actually still didn’t watch the Wonder Woman movie ! But I watched some of Diana’s most epic scenes and I was mouth agape 💙 There are slight differences between the book and the movie, but seeing it all come to life after reading the book was fantastic ! I hope you enjoy it when you read it !

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      1. Wonder Woman was the DCEU’s saving grace haha. The movie was really fun! Not perfect, but still a great watch 😀 I’d love to read some WW comics one day! Thanks! And I hope you enjoy the movie if you ever get around to watching it 🙂


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