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Top 5 Wednesday is exactly what it sounds like; a Top 5, every wednesday. It was created by Ginger reads Lainey and is now hosted by Thoughts on Tomes. The HQ are on the Goodreads Group if you’d like to join !

In most books I read, the main character is, like, THE BEST in something. Or super talented. We all have our talents (except for me. I just read πŸ˜‚) And we all wish we knew how to do things half as well as the characters we read about.

I’ll be listing classes I’d love to take, based on characters of books I’ve read and loved! Hope you like what you read πŸ’™

1. Deduction & Cracking Cases | Charlotte Holmes

I want to learn from Charlotte SO badly how to deduce everything from anything, how to sort what information to observe and file, and what can be safely forgotten. It would come in really handy in pretty much every situation. I know I probably won’t be called to solve any murders, but we can’t all be Holmeses xD

2. Street Smarts | Kaz Brekker

The very mention of Kaz’s name makes me want to explode from fangirling and then get myself back together and explode again. *struggles for self-control*
I mean, Kaz’s survival skills in Ketterdam ? MINDBLOWING. The more you learn about him the more you see it for yourself *sob* if I could learn kick-ass street smarts, I’d never be in need 😎

3. How to Fix Pretty Much Anything | Cinder

Like I said, my life would be a few times easier if I could absorb some skills from books by osmose, or take any one of these classes. *sigh* if I could just fix my stuff as easily as Cinder from The Lunar Chronicles. She’s, like, super good with mechanics. Yeah, I know it’s because she’s a cyborg and she didn’t have to learn it from scratch like us peasants #notfair, I WANNA DO THAT TOO what the heck?!

4. War Strategy 101 | Darrow

If I ever took this class, I’d take over the world before you can say ‘cake’ πŸ˜‚ Darrow is one of the smartest characters of all books I ever read. In the last book of the trilogy, Morning Star, he blew my mind in a way I will never forget. He is just near and dear to my heart πŸ’™

5. Heart of Stone | Kvothe

Ever since I read The Name of The Wind, I can NOT stop thinking how much I want to learn Heart of Stone. It is a method to strengthen your mind and be ready, collected, and stoic through any hardship that comes in your way. There is also that super cool thing of splitting your mind in two, like playing Dungeons and Dragons against yourself and actually making it work. But Heart of Stone strikes me as something I’d need more often.

Ugh there are so many more classes I’d be so so sooo taking if I could, but 5’s the limit, and it’s, like, midnight now and my eyes are totally calling it a day without my permission. So, time for your feedback !
Have you read one or more of these books ? Would you come to these classes with me if you could ? What are some classes YOU’d love to take ?

9 thoughts on “T5W | Classes Based on Books/Characters

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  1. This is the kind of school I would 100% sign up for!😍 I really want lessons with them ALL but particularly Kvothe because those skills would be so handy?! Also Cinder…because I need to learn how to fix things instead of just glaring at them. (To be fair, though, she mostly just belts them and they work again out of pure terror. SO.) πŸ˜‚

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    1. I was originally going for music lessons with Kvothe, but then I remembered everything else xD I know right πŸ˜‚ ! That time when she was at her booth and some kid brought her a tablet or something and she just hit it and it just worked πŸ˜‚


  2. Yesyesyesyesyes!!! THIS POST. Where can I sign up for these classes???! KAZ omgggg *intense squealing* He is just so amazing and gosh, his survival skills are vicious but make him SO EPIC so yes please. Also Cinder’s ability to fix things!! My ability is more to destroy things accidentally, so you know, that would be helpful. xD Also ahhh Darrow ❀ Precious soul.

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    1. I KNOW RIGHT!! I’d love for Kaz to teach me some serious brawling skills *executes some lame ninja moves while saying ‘ HIYAAA!!!’* I wouldn’t mind some classes from Jesper on humor tooπŸ˜‚ And from Inej to learn some wicked moves πŸ’™ Also, if Mustang could teach me some chess *puppy eyes* So many amazing skills, I’m so jelly 😭 XD


  3. Every time I see Kaz’s name, my heart explodes. I freaking love Kaz Brekker. He’s the ultimate mastermind and I would do anything to have those mind-blowing street smarts of his. If I did, I think I could survive just about anything LOL. Great picks! πŸ˜€


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