Musical Notes, Percentages and Planets || Rating Systems I Wish Existed

1. Musical Notes

I LOVE music. My life would be miserable without it, and it has bumped my mood and given me courage and inspiration countless times. In tribute to music, it would be pretty amazing if people would rate books or anything, really, based on music notes. It’d be like rating on a scale of 1 to 7, but from Do to Si ( because the last high Do would be confusing if it were to be added). It’s certainly more accurate than a 5-star Rating System ! I know that not everybody can tell which note is which number without singing ‘Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si Do!!’ I certainly can’t, but I know it’s a good rating system if it makes me sing while writing reviews XDD

2. Percentages

It’d be great if I could rate by percentages ! I can’t always be accurate, but with this I can be as accurate as possible and unlimited in my rating ! I mean, imagine if you could say this book was 23% better than that book. Feelings, like books, aren’t quantifiable. But I think this would do nicely to give a close approximation. You don’t have to rate a book 62.125% xD

3. Sliding bar


It’s a bar. You can slide it. It’s got emojis. It’s simple and effective. What more do you need to use this ? It exists, actually, but unfortunately it’s just used for rating tea, and is made by Jack Cheng on Steepster. One day though. One day hopefully it will be appreciated and used. I NEED it in my life D: Why don’t bookish websites just use this ? (I’m looking at you, Goodreads )

It would make my life a bit easier ❤

4.Solar System

Okay, this is stretching it quite a bit. But I imagine this one would be for nerds ( *cough*me). Pluto has been out of the planets of the Solar System list since forever, but it’d be the rating for a DNFed book ! The sun is not a planet either, but it’ll do for the best of the best books !

Sun: ASDFGJVJLJ All-time favorite !!💙

Mercury: A favorite, but not an all-time favorite. Lacks one or 2 things, but I think fondly of it 💙

Venus: Great book, liked it !

Earth: Good book. A few admirable things.

Mars: Liked some parts, hated some parts.

Jupiter: Not for me. Someone else would have liked it.

Saturn: ‘Meh’

Uranus: there were good things about it. Just VERY few.

Neptune: *facepalm* Close to putting it down.

+ Pluto: DNF *throws book on the wall*

3 thoughts on “Musical Notes, Percentages and Planets || Rating Systems I Wish Existed

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  1. This is such a unique post. I never thought about using musical notes or percentages for book ratings. I really love that percentage one, especially when it comes to having two very different four-star reads. One is more like a 87% and the other an 81%, but they both end up being four stars. Also, thank you for including Pluto. It will always be a planet in my heart.


    1. Thank you ! I was surprised no one thought of it before when I googled to check ! The percentage one is definitely super helpful ! Me too, I can’t help thinking there are 9 planets in the solar system and then correcting myself, because when I was little it was still a planet, and I memorized them that way 😂


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