The Reading Quest Week 1 and 2 Update

The Reading Quest is an RPG video-game inspired readathon created by Aentee @ReadAtMidnight that stretches from Aug 13, 2017 to Sept. 10, 2017. It features an amazing-looking board, with art from the talented CW from Read Think Ponder where your character ( of a class you choose, among Knight, Mage, Bard or Rogue) makes progress with every book you read for the readathon ! Here’s the official page !

I’m starting with Character Class Mage !

So, week 1 & 2. I disappointed myself a bit during these two weeks, because I didn’t read as fast as I thought, thanks to 2 main reasons:

  1. Because I’m a genius, I started with a side quest… And the one with the 500+ PAGES *hides*
  2. Also because I put a certain doorstopper on my main quest for some reason… (”A CLASH OF KINGS BY G.R.R. MARTIN!!”, she whispered)

Hey, I really thought I could pull this off 😂😭

So instead of more babbling and squabbling, let’s get on with page and experience and Health points count !

Like I said, I started with a tome, which was

◆ Side Quest ‘Grind’ ( 500+ Pages ); Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

And which came with a whopping 517 pages ! Yay?

–> 10 XP

–> 51 HP

Stats at this point:

LVL: 1

XP: 20

HP: 61

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Review: Here

After that I carried on *wink* to yet another Side Quest with

◆ Side Quest ‘Open World’: Sleeping Giants by Sylvain Neuvel

I read it in one day, as I was readathoning back then, and it was 376 pages !

–> 10 XP

–> 37 HP

Stats at this point

LVL: 1

XP: 30

HP: 98+1 (from social media interactions)=99 (yes, infuriating)

Rating: 4 Stars

Review: Here

After trying this hyped book that’s been on my TBR for 1/4 of a forever, I made the ground-breaking, sleeping giant-waking decision to pick up another TBR bench-warmer which was the acclaimed

◆ Main Quest ‘One Word Title’: Furthermore by Tahereh Mafi

*sigh* I love this author so much ♥ *wipes tear* This one was 406 pages ! (If you don’t count the white pages and ‘about the author’ it’s 401, but it doesn’t affect the stats)

–> 10 XP

–> 40 HP

Stats at this point:

LVL: 1

XP: 40

HP: 139

Rating: You bet it’s 5 Stars

Review: Here

This book was such a magical read. Furthermore, it made it to my all time favorites ! After it, I knew I had to spend more time reading my main quests. So I read only one more side quest 😂

◆ Side Quest ‘Graphic Novel’ : The Sculptor by Scott McCloud

Yes, I read this behind your back and I did not review it 😂 Hardly my fault if I read it too fast to take notes and forgot xD

It had 714 pages (don’t panic, it’s a fast read)

–> 5 XP

–> 35 HP


LVL: 1

XP: 45

HP: 174

Rating: 5 Stars

After sculpting my way through this, I picked up A Clash of Kings, read only around 200 pages in 2 weeks, figured out it was catastrophic progress and decided to read it separately from the readathon. Yeah, I know 😂 Meanwhile, I read

◆ Main Quest ‘Based on Mythology’: The Dark Prophecy by Rick Riordan

With a 339-page count, this book was indeed funny like Rick Riordan’s books are, but after a graphic novel I tend to feel I’m the slowest reader ever 😭

–> 10 XP

–> 33 HP


LVL: 2 (YAY)

XP: 55

HP: 207

Rating: 5 Stars (because a book that makes me laugh outloud is my new bff)

I totes was too lazy to review it too, sue me xD

Don’t facepalm, but I’m yet again distracted from the readathon and am, out of the blue, rereading Divergent 😂 To me, a book I’m rereading is a comfort book. And since my anxiety is up and active, I felt I wanted something familiar, so zero guilt on this one 😂

  • Are you doing The Reading Quest ?
  • If yes, what class are you, and what do you plan on reading ?
  • If not, have you readathoned before? How did you do ?
  • Do you, like me, do everything unimportant first 😂 ?
  • Are you bored 😂 ?

5 thoughts on “The Reading Quest Week 1 and 2 Update

Add yours

  1. Well you’ve certainly read more than I have 😂 I’ve finished one book for the main quest and one really short one for the side quest. Now I’m about 200 pages away from finishing another main quest book. Very slow progress indeed 😂

    Also I love The Dark Prophecy!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Go go go 😀 !! My expectations were, as always, way too high 😂 I’m crashing and burning so *high five* xD
      Oh yess 💙💙 The haikus are priceless 😂😂 the leftover tofu one omg 😂


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