Back-to-Hogwarts Cramathon TBR and Wrap-Up

On Aug 18, 2017, is a 24-hour long readathon, that starts from midnight on your time zone until midnight right before Aug 19 ! This is actually its VERY first time (I think ?) And I am SO excited about it !

It is created by a bunch of amazing people on the readathon’s official twitter page @hpcramathon and each of their booktubes. I heard about it from their announcement here !

Basically, it’s a HP-themed readathon ( but you don’t have to read HP books or anything ); You join and announce which Hogwarts house you belong to (Take the quiz on Pottermore ) and try to read as much as you can for 24 hours, and every page you read is 1 point for your house ! In the end one of the hosts will count all the points and announce the winning house ! Don’t forget to tweet to them your progress !

For this readathon I will be a Ravenclaw ! And I will be picking up 2 books and hopefully reading as much as possible !

Book 1. Furthermore by Taheref Mafi

I’ve been meaning to pick this one up ever since I heard the hype around it. I’ve just got my hands on a copy and I’ll be snuggling with it on Friday and reading reading reading !

Pages: 401

Book 2. Sleeping Giants by Sylvain Neuvel

I’ve heard so many good things about this book. Plus, I’m totally a nerd crazy about science in books. So I’ll be picking this one up too ! I’ll probably pick it up first, because a science-y book better be read when I’m rested and refreshed at the beginning of the day !

Pages: 376

If I finish both of these I’ll have given my house 777 points 😂😂😂 I did not do that on purpose I swear 😂

UPDATE: I’m wrapping things up at around midnight of Aug 18 ! Expectations VS Reality 😂 I expected to finish up those 2 books, or at least to get a good chunk of Furthermore done, but in the end I finished Sleeping Giants and 11 pages of A Clash of Kings, so that makes 387 pages read !

Still, that’s close to 400 pages in a day. Not half bad I’d say ! I will update this post more time for the results of the winning house !

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