Book Blog Newbie tag

I found this tag at the Loveandotherbookishthings blog!

1 – Why did you start this blog?

As a hobby, I think. I love reading, I want to speak up and express myself! I think a book blog will be the best option for me 🙂 In a busy life, I can always do this and enjoy it as a break !

2- What are some fun and unique things you can bring to book blogging?

When I get some ideas, I’ll do my best to bring them to life ! I’ve been thinking for some time that I wanted to host my own readathon ! One day I’ll make a unique one, till then I’ll be writing haikus of books and trying to bring something else that’s new.

3 – What are you most excited for about this new blog?

Reviews! I never seriously reviewed books, with, like, notes xD With time I’ll get good at it. I’ve seen so many book bloggers who adore reviewing books, and I never say no to doing something I’ll probably love.

4 – Why do you love reading?

Oh, boy. This question should be a captcha 😂 I’ve been reading as long as I can remember. I find it a most magical thing to look at symbols and understand them, to receive meaning and pictures and sounds in your head, from characters that exist in ways we don’t, and people alive or long dead. That combinations of letters can cause sadness or awe or wanderlust, make you laugh or cry or blow your mind, all with just paper and ink, never ceases to fascinate me. Books are miracles in a sort.

5 – What book or series got you into reading?

I’d say Harry Potter ! They were the magic that permanently glued me to books !

6 – What questions would you ask your favorite authors?

Probably, how do you decide whether this or that event should or should not happen? And how do you split your mind into so many characters with different personalities ? Because when I try I feel like I’m playing multiple characters on a board game all on my own 😭

7 – What challenges do you think starting a blog will be the hardest to overcome?

Keeping at it for a long time, making good book reviews, getting followers, and especially making unique content, every idea has already been taken 😂

8 – When did you start reading?

When I was 6 I think. I’d take my little picture books everywhere, or so my mum told me xD

9 – Where do you read?

My bed mostly, but I can read on the train, in the car, anywhere I can concentrate.

10 – What kind of books do you like to read?

Fantasy, scifi, Thrillers. Paperbacks. Length-wise, I love a good tome, but most of my books are between 300-400 pages :3

That’s it for all the questions today, that was my first tag 🎉🎊 And it was fun 😀 If you’re a newbie too, I’d love to check out your blog, link it down below 🙂

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