24in48 Wrap-Up: In which I wasted half the readathon sleeping

Okay, to be fair, and contrary to my dramatic self's expectations, I did NOT spend half the readathon sleeping and the title was an exageration because it's my job to be a Drama Queen. This is the second round of 24in48 that I ever participated in, and it was less fun than the first time,... Continue Reading →


#24in48 Jan 2018 Round: Hour 11 Update

I'm checking in for a super quick update on my #24in48 progress ! So I'm a little disappointed with how I'm doing so far, because I had to get out somewhere in the morning and I couldn't read outside, and so I ended up only putting in an hour of reading in the morning, but... Continue Reading →

That Sweet Sweet Time of the Year Where It’s Suitable to Freak Out on How Little Goals I Actually Achieved, AKA Nov ’17 Wrap-Up

Well, well. Look who's here with three pieces of bad news ๐Ÿ˜‚ Me, obviously. Who else is there except the imaginary friend you had who's stalking you since your childhood biding its time to take revenge because it was woefully neglected ?Okay moving on to a small update featuring said three pieces of bad news:๐Ÿ˜ฒ... Continue Reading →

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